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Gas Cannister explode when shot at
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Thank u for ur excelent work guys! This game has never been better!

I´d like to propose a change to how gas canisters work.
Current mechanic:

  • U can combine gas canister with gas stove
  • drop gas canister
  • throw gas cannister

Proposed mechanics:

  • place gas cannister on ground
  • shoot gas canister to make it want to annihilate life around it

We would really like to be able to make GasCannisters go kaabooooom!

Thank u guys for reading that ticket!


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Windows 10
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It does nothing

Additional Information

They should explode

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mrdarn added a subscriber: mrdarn.Jul 29 2021, 12:32 AM

I agree with this, if you mean the following:

  • Gas Canisters are the blue things you attach to stoves/gas lamps and not the canisters by the side of houses.
  • Putting them inside a heat source, or hitting them with a projectile.

I believe there is a mod with this already made, but this would make an awesome addition to the game itsself.

I would also like to add:

  • Running over them in a car should cause a pop that damages the wheel.
  • Leaving them in fireplaces should cause a timed explosion at that fire.
  • They should cause damage to other gas canisters, causing a chain reaction effect.

Good suggestion!

Full support.

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i fully agree with Mr. Darnie´s insight into what i tried to say

I woul like this to be implemented in the game but according to a friend of mine (an engineer) that would not be realistic. Yes, it may explode if a spark gets in but the pressure and the quantity of gas on those caninsters are not enough to be deadly.