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Floor Glitch - Cant Access Inventory/Build
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In the building pictured below, you are not able to view inventory of fence, gate, specific tents, or cannot build on in general. If you were to build a fence you would have to add items to it via looking at the fence. You can not access the fence to, for example, add barbed wire., or add more nails by dragging and dropping. You cannot see the planks, nails, barbed wire, wire, stored on the ground when building. You cannot apply barbed wire when building a fence as the wire is below the floor.

When you place a Canopy tent you cannot access the tent's inventory. You can access Medium Tents. I believe you can access Large Military Tents too. You cannot build a Tarp Tent, when you craft the crafting circle will fill and reset. You can access barrels, sea chests, and sometimes crates.

You cannot access crates when you apply them via "blueprint". As the crate will go underground. You need to drop in the vicinity for it to remain above the surface. If you apply a barrel via "blueprint" half of the barrel will remain above the ground but it is still accessible.

Throwing items often teleport through the ground and disappear.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Build Fences/Gates
Try to build a Tarp Tent
View issues from dropping in vicinity vs applying with a blueprint

Additional Information

I have only tried the building in Elektro and have not tried any other building throughout the map.

All of this was tested on the first floor in the back of the building near the bathroom.

All of this was tested on the ground floor

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Thank you for the report ZEROs0000.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.

Thanks Geez, is there any update on removing the fence in the same city? :