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Directional voip 3D audio
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I'm on Xbox series s playing on official and comunity server. please bring back the 3d audio voip. we had a brief overview with the 1.13 update but since the hotfix came out the audio chat is back to basic. a banal proximity chat. the game is so much better with 3d audio we really hope you can fix this .


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox series s
Steps To Reproduce

Go in any server and talk to people you can hear people but there is no audio direction and there is no decrease in voice when the person moves away .

Additional Information

I think the voip audio is probably intertwined with the direction of the sounds of the shots or something like that. i don't know anything about coding but i guess there is something entwined with the audio directions of the chat and the audio directions of the sounds in the game (shooting, animal sounds). since it is with 1.13 that we saw the appearance of the 3D voip and with that the bug of the audio direction of the shots and the cries of the animals. Then the hotfix arrived and there the problem of the sounds of the shots was corrected but the audio voip is back to basic .. I believe that it is only on xbox that we have this problem but i'm not sure .. sorry if i have a bad english. we really appreciated the coming of the voip in 3d that was realy amazing .Thank's and good luck for fixing this thing.

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hello please keep us posted if there is the possibility that we will see the 3D voip again on the xbox. I'm sure that is possible. It's a big part of the game please let us know.

I guess the 3D voip messed up the general (e.g. gun shots) audio. Anyway it would be awesome if we get 3D voip back but please not a the cost of the general audio!

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