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Problem saving custom classes to profilenamespace
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When using classes created in description.ext and saving them to profilenamespace the data seems to be corrupted when loading the class from profilenamespace


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Open and start the mission from the included mission folder.

Run from console:

_testCfg = missionconfigfile >> "CfgSavingTest" >> "InnerClass";

systemchat format["testCfg %1", _testCfg];

profilenamespace setVariable ["cfgTestSave",_testCfg];

Then enter back to editor and restart the mission.
The run from console:

testVar = profilenamespace getVariable "cfgTestSave";

systemchat format[">>> '%1' >> '%2' >> '%3'",testVar,typename testVar, getNumber(testVar >> "someValue")];

And you should see that the output is wrong. instead of printing the class path at %1 nothing gets printed

mission file:

Additional Information

This bug seems to effect only classes created in description.ext. configfile classes seem to be ok

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This ticket does not actually show the crash which I experienced because I was unable reproduce it in a new mission. Instead it shows how testVar failes to load from "cfgTestSave" and is null. Trying to use this null variable probably is what lead to crash

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