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Game freezes momentarily when using setPos on an AI group whilst they're pathfinding through a building
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When using a script to use setPos on AI in a group the game can freeze momentarily if that AI group is currently pathfinding through a building. The duration of this freeze seems to vary depending on which building the AI are in, and the distance between their original position and the position they're being set to.

The following situations do not freeze:

  • Using setPos on AI in a building when they're very close to their setPos position.
  • Using setPos on AI when they're not in a building from any distance.

The following situation sometimes doesn't freeze

  • Using setPos on AI in a building after each unit has reached its respective formation hold point.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1: Load the attached mission. It contains several buildings, an AI group, a player, a radio trigger, and a script called teleport.sqf.
2: Start the mission, activate the radio trigger.
3: Observe the freeze.
4: Edit the mission to put the AI into a different building. Repeat steps 2-3.
5: Edit the mission to move the AI and their building closer to the bottom left corner of the map. Repeat step 2.
6: Observe that the duration of the freeze can be reduced by moving the building and AI closer, and that the freeze disappears completely once they're very close.
7: Edit the mission so that the AI aren't in a building. Repeat step 2.
8: Observe that the game doesn't freeze at all, regardless of the distance between the original AI position and their setPos position.

Additional Information

No mods or DLC are loaded.

RPT Attached: Only errors I can see are ACE_noVoice error as ACE isn't loaded, and a script error from when I edited the teleport script to test something.

It seems that sometimes some of the AI don't get teleported, or they do get teleported but move back to their original position near-instantly. This behaviour was only observed in this test scenario, and not in the scenario where this issue was first found.

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