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Warning (0x00040033) if someone want to rejoin the Server
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From new Update 1.13 we got a strange Error on our Server: Everytime someone log off from the Server and want to rejoin (no matter how long after login off) everyone get the Error 0x00040033 UID already in use. But i testet it after an hour after login off, so the Idletimer should have kicked me definitly, but still get this Error. It only occures on our Server, official or other Servers, no Problem. It seams the Server is still thinking the Player is still only, even if he/she is over an hour logged off.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Error Message
Steps To Reproduce

Log off and log in again, no matter how long after logging off

Additional Information

only our Server, IP: Name: [GER/ENG] | PVP/PVE | LOOT X5 | TRADER | FULLY CUSTIMIZED

I know it has to be something with our Server but i cant figure out what it is.

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Hello golner.
From the information we have gathered, it does appear that this issue is most likely related to some kind of mod. If you disable all your mods, does this occur still?
We suggest setting up a test server where you can load mods one by one to find out which one is causing this and then notify the mod creator so he/she can fix the issue.

Yea i thought about that, will do that :) but now the freaking Server didnt start now xD i reinstaled BE this night and after that it dont wane start anymore. I will check everything today or reinstall the hole Server if nothing helps.

Update: it was an outdated Mod (Time is Money Mod: :D i kickt it from Server, now everything runs fine :)

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