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Gun shot and animal noises are no longer Directional
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Since the release of the 1.13 update it is no longer possible to determine the direction that a gun shot or animal noise is coming from.

For example when you hear a cow noise, you turn your character to try and hear which direction it is coming from. But the sound does not change and it is no longer possible to determine which direction the noise is coming from. It just sounds like it is coming from straight in front of you, regardless of which direction you are facing.

I noticed on a PVP server called Pvp school that it did still seem possible to determine the direction that suppressed shots and explosions (grenades and flash bangs) were coming from.

This means players can no longer hunt using traditional stalking methods, and can no longer hear which direction they are being shot from.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Approach an animal head on and wait to hear it’s noise. Then turn your character 90 degrees in one direction. When the animal makes its noise again the direction of the noise to you has not changed.

For gun shots get another player to shoot a gun in the air whilst you face then. Repeat this but this time you turn 90 degrees in one direction. The direction of the gun shot noise to you does not change.

Additional Information

This is quite a game breaking bug. The ability to determine a gun shot or animal noise direction is a key mechanic to the game, for either trying to avoid or find trouble in a pvp situation, or just to hunt food to survive. Without it, the game is quite simply lacking a major part of the realism and survival element.