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Sickness Blur
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I have to say, having had Covid 19, sick to the point of passing out, I NEVER had blurred vision.
People with past head injuries, like myself, will not be able to continue playing Dayz.
The blur I experienced today (which I managed curing), was literally sickening. I have said it on many occasion, the blurring is too much. It is a game at the end of the day. I play Dayz to have fun and forget the head injury.


Operating System
Windows 10
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Getting ill or hit to unconsciousness with screen flashing is a game ended for people with brain trauma.

Additional Information

I made sure my bandages were disinfected. I did have a broken leg, but did not have the rags to make a splint.
Whatever the cause to the “blur” was just too much. It wasn’t the broken leg blur, I tried sitting, prone and and ctrl walk. Nothing helped.
Please be mindful of these things going forward.

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I don't see why the pain couldn't be represented with a temporary shock damage or even lowering max shock health temporarily.

This is an accessability issue for sure, as effects like this can cause motion sickness especially in first person mode

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Thank you for your feedback friendly_chick.
We will go over this internally and see if there can be something done about this.