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Unable to drop players when carrying them.
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In MP on a dedicated server, carrying a wounded player frequently results in the carrying player being unable to drop the wounded one. If the carrying player fires their weapon it gives the player the drop action again, but otherwise the only way out is for the carrying player to be shot and wounded himself. A second part of this bug is that if a player carrying a wounded player is shot without using the drop action, the carrying player is no longer able to see or hear (using TFAR) the wounded player, even after both have been revived as the game seems to believe the player is still laying back at the spot that he fell from the carrying players arms.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Launch a mission on a dedicated server with the SOGPF medical module running.
2 - Join with at least two players.
3 - One player shoots another player to wound him/her.
4 - Pick up that player into carry.
5 - Observe that the wounded player cannot be dropped.

6 - Third player shoot the player carrying the wounded until he too is wounded.
7 - Revive all players.
8 - Observe that the player who was initially carrying the wounded can no longer hear or see the wounded player if he moves away from the spot that he was "dropped".

Additional Information

Didn't seem to have this issue on a local server, so I assume it's a dedicated server issue but I'm not sure how reproducible it is, it seems to be a little random.

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