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I think 1.13 has been awesome. I think one of the biggest issues with 1.12 was the infected over head two hand attack and that seemed broken. Being able to block everything is a quick and easy fix to that and I appreciate that. I think there should be a penalty when blocking, like taking the shock damage screen when blocking a hit or a possible 1 in 20 bleed. I don't think you should lose stamina or at least test it out before you make it part of the hard patch. I know a lot of these twats talk about how blocking is easy but I know how hard it is to make separate hit boxes for the front and rear so just tell them to jog on. You have it just about right now between the 1.11, 1.12 and now 1.13 zombies. I'm a big fan of the current batch. Other things to mention, you should be able to tear a clothing item into two rags by hand if rags are going to be so important. You should also be able to boil rags to sterilize them as that goes back hundreds of years so it's not really a secret. Other than that, thank you so much for the game that so many of love so much. Hope this helps!


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Mezza created this task.Jun 21 2021, 5:37 AM

"You should also be able to boil rags to sterilize them "

I think blocking every zed hit should be only possible with a long tool or weapon in hands, sligthly damaging the tool or weapon. Anybody can be protected from a hit using a shovel or an sks if you hold it properly (with may require a new animation) but if you block the hit with your bare hands it makes no sense you suffer no damage. But I completely agree this is a good patch, it's sad I can not longer test it in experimental servers due to the lag and the 300 ping limit, we need a testing server in South America.