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BattleEye not work
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Your anti-cheat system BattleEye is not working!
BattleEye does not respond to any email. I have already sent several requests.
The BattleEye anti-cheat system has been hacked for a long time ago. Hackers have built a bypass of protection, and the system does not recognize their cheats, it believes that everything is in order. They successfully sell these cheats, making money on it, and BattleEye do nothing.
Since then, the game on the official servers has become a horror. A huge number of cheaters at every turn. They kill long distances with one headshot through all walls, no conscience!
You can see for yourself, start playing on the server DayZ EU - DE 1486 in Novoselki.
I think the cheater will not be long in coming and kill you through any wall right into your head from a great distance. this happened to me many times on the server DayZ EU - DE 1486 in Novoselki.
You need change you anti cheat system


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Just playing on the server DayZ EU - DE 1486 in Novoselki.

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Hello Nytlenc.
We do not plan to change our anti-cheat system. BattlEye works thoroughly on updating their databases frequently and we also provide our support in order to detect as many hackers as possible.
As a result, tens of thousands of hackers have already been detected and banned by BattlEye in the past year alone. However, the fight against hackers is an ongoing struggle that cannot be resolved one hundred percent unfortunately.
Thank you for your understanding.