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Too late appearance of the shell on the RPG-7 tube after reloading.
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When player reloading the RPG-7 ( from the Apex DLC) , the reloaded projectile appears too late.

The player sees his left empty hand holding nothing, in the end a projectile materialize on an empty tube -
It looks bad. Please fix this!

In comparison, the similar grenade launcher (B 40) from Arma 3: Prairie Fire DLC does not have this problem -
In Prairie Fire DLC, we even see the projectile in the left hand of player, which is inserted into the launcher tube, while the RPG-7 from Apex materializes at the last second of reloading animation.

There are many ways to fix this:

  1. It is possible to slow down the end of reload animation by making the rise of the launcher slower.
  2. possible to increase speed up the appearance of the projectile on the RPG-7 pipe
  3. since the launcher is very similar, take animation from Prarie Fire DLC, it looks much more natural

Any solution please...


Operating System
Windows 7

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