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Terrain Objects Destruction Problem
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When certain terrain objects are destroyed they leave both their destroyed object AND a "not destroyed" object.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

In order to reproduce simply load the game with the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC loaded, create a mission on the Cam Lao Nam terrain, and go destroying buildings. (Explosives, artillery, bombs, rockets, etc.)

Additional Information

Reproduced ONLY the S.O.G. Prairie Fire Optional DLC loaded, and NO MODS loaded.

NOT caused by conflict of MODs/DLC, since I was able to reproduce the issues with ONLY the S.O.G.P.F. CDLC loaded (as stated before)

There are many MORE buildings affected than the ones showed here. For example many (if not ALL) of the village huts are also affected.

I do not suspect that this could be some sort of file corruption on my end, because of the massive number of buildings affected + the fact that I literally re-installed the S.O.G. P.F. CDLC and the issue persisted.

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Also may I apologize for the wall of screenshots, but I simply had a ton of those and did not know which ones to choose.

Its a known issue. I think it'll be fixed by next update

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We've picked up your issue and the fix has been implemented in the last S.O.G. update. Thanks for helping us making the game better!
In the unfortunate event that (part of) the issue persists, please open a new ticket and include a link to this one.

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