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Arma 3 Dedicated Server low FPS in Linux version in multiplayer
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the Linux version of DS has an exponential server FPS drop in multiplayer which depends on players number while the Windows one seems to be more stable on the same machine.


Operating System
Linux x64
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 DS on Linux 64bit
  2. Connect 100+ players and put them on slots.
  3. Start mission and check server FPS.

more players - more FPS drop.

Additional Information

while we are experiencing low server FPS value it still consumes less RAM and less CPU compared to the Windows version.

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G-Virus created this task.Thu, Jun 10, 5:11 PM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Mon, Jun 21, 11:10 AM

Connect 100+ players and put them on slots.

Cannot reproduce :D
I run ~30 players on my server and am not aware of such issues.

I have players enough to reproduce that and I can do tests for you if it's needed, the question is is Bohemia even interested in the Linux version because it looks far away from the windows one. There are lots of memory leaks and corruptions that maybe can cause to low fps