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Shotgun configuration is very unrealistic
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While playing mike force we noticed the shotguns troops were vastly more dangerous than any other solder. Looking into the Config values I noted that the dispersion was extremely low for an area effect weapon (3/4) so even when it missed it hit. But I also found that the gun was firing 50 pellets at an angle of 2 degrees cone.

A real combat shotgun is 6-12 pellets for buck shot, usually it is 9. Bird shot is 50 pellets but not buck and no one is going to usefully shoot bird shot at a solder as its not going to hurt them much. Typically they are .22-.33 calibre ( so caliber=1 to caliber=1.5 maybe but penetration is often poor for a pellet like this), 300m/s and typical spread is 4.5 inches at 25 feet, ie a cone spread of 0.43 degrees. So the SOG PF values are vastly off what you would expect of a shotgun. If shotguns were this good the US Army would like to order 10million right away.

Can we please get the PF values adjusted to more realistic values to tone them down in capability as they aren't realistic in their current setup and it is making them much more deadly than they should be.

More realistic values in the appropriate places would be the following:

class CfgWeapons {

	class vn_shotgun; //external reference

	class vn_izh54 : vn_shotgun {
		class FullAuto; //external reference
		class AIClose; //external reference
		class AIMedium; //external reference

		aiDispersionCoefX = 40; //orig=6
		aiDispersionCoefY = 40; //orig=6
		class AIClose : FullAuto {
			aiDispersionCoefX = 40;//1.05
			aiDispersionCoefY = 40;//1.05

		class AIMedium : AIClose {
			aiDispersionCoefX = 40;//1.05
			aiDispersionCoefY = 40;//1.05


class CfgAmmo {

	class vn_shotgunbase;

	class vn_12g_buck_ns : vn_shotgunbase {
		submunitionConeAngle = 0.43;//2
		submunitionConeType[] = {"poissondisc",9};//{"poissondisc",50}


It may also be worth adjusting the ranges, there is little point opening up with a shotgun at 200m with this sort of pellet spread, 100m would be a more realistic maximum.

Notably I found that I could not get any Config changes from a mod to apply to the sawn off or the pistol or base classes for shotguns. Only the izh54 and its ammo could be adjusted to test more realistic numbers. I don't know why that is the case but I couldn't adjust values for the other weapons of this type. As such it is not possible that I can fix this with a mod increasing the urgency as these troops are game breaking in game modes like mike force due to their sheer lethality.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

In the editor place an IZH54 troop at a range of 70m from he player and give them a skill of 20%. Run the mission and with a shot or two the player will be killed. Do the same thing with a PPSH or Type 56 troop and they will empty their magazine missing most of the time. The accuracy of the shotguns is really high as is the lethality especially at ranges like 150m where they ought to be almost useless.

Additional Information

Here is a test of a combat shotgun at various ranges showing the spread of shot and how many pellets for more realistic values and I doubt a izh54 with its short barrel outperforms this modern shotgun -

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