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Voice chat unreliable - Person only hearable after increasing/decreasing voice bar, even when in range before
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We've had the following situation countless times:

Person A,B,C,D.... are together.
Person A speaks on 2 bars. Person B & C can hear it, but Person D cannot.
They all are in hearing range.
Person A can fix this bug by highering/lowering their voice volume to 3 or 1 bars. If Person A then speaks everyone can hear it, even when they switch back to 2 bars now.

This bug appeared to multiple different people (different people cannot hear; Different people cannot be heard).

We could not find out what is causing it yet.

We had this bug on past patches too, it is not new.
On our server people use the ingame voice chat and radios as only communication, so we encountered it a lot of times already, I myself was there for >15 incidents of this and heard about many more.

This is a crucial problem as Person A can get killed for "not talking/no mic" and cannot communicate with everyone, without even knowing it - especially as some can hear them, they dont think anything would be wrong with their voice for others.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.May 24 2021, 12:36 PM

This bug is still occuring regularly to me and friends I play with (often multiple times a day) in patch 1.17
It is pretty annoying cause you don't know that some people can suddenly not hear you; Or that someone is speaking to you but you think they have no mic

This happens so much that whenever someone doesn't respond to me I automatically raise and lower my volume level presuming it's this bug. Was a thing for a while but now it seems to be even more frequent somehow. Pretty annoying. I can imagine some people got shot for "not having a mic" when in reality they just couldn't be heard because of this bug.