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Tentbag bugging underground
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Hello. I have a bug report to send to the devs about placing out tents.
When placing out any tent on the floor inside a building and then cancel the action (or someone running in the white area when you are placing out the tent so it cancels) the tent will sometimes (or most likely) be placed (just the tent bag not the fully placed tent) underground and u will be unable to spot it anymore or pick it up. This have happened my friend and me inside barns/big industrial buildings when building a base. It have happened 3 times includiing a millitary tent........

When the tentbag is bugged underground it will just stay there forever (until it despawns that will take loooong time) but the important thing is that we cant pick it up even if u can see a little bit of the bag in the ground.

We are very sad that we lost the best/most rare tent in the game cuz its bugged in the ground.

Pls fix and notice this and send back if devs see this. Thanks. Philip


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Windows 10

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