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Mouse smoothing- and acceleration.
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I can't imagine that any of you haven't already thought about this, you probably postponed it, but when are you going to fix the "over smoothed" glide feeling of the mouse? It's not a bug for me, it's just how the game is for everyone. Setting mouseSmoothing and vsync to 0 in config helps a tiny bit, but not nearly enough. The problem is mainly in ADS mode. It feels like Vsync is always enabled. I, we and the community have tried everything to fix it, but this is in your hands.

I can tell from the recent TTK update that you might have finally realized that the game might have to be more of a PVP game to stay alive with a healthy playerbase. It's not enough though. The ADS smoothing has to be fixed.

The game is around 20-30k players on Steam, but I can promise you that those numbers would be twice as big if you added 1:1 raw input like every other game. I have 8 friends playing this game and they are all complaining about the smoothing that makes this beautiful game feel so incredibly cheap. You see people mostly complaining about cars, but trust me, this mouse problem gatekeeps this game even more from popularity. Most people don't even know the game terms "smoothing" and "mouse acceleration", so it makes it hard for them to complain and put words on why they don't like a game.

Not only all this, but even extremely large streamers like Shroud loves the concept of the game, but is drawn away by this little mouse feeling thing, which leaves them to only play DayZ very rarely. (In case you didn't know, the certain potential of attention from large viral million-sub streamers like those could easily triple the concurrent player amount).

There are even more reasons to add it and only a few not to.

Arguments for the option to enable actual raw input and disable all kinds of smoothing and acceleration:

  1. Every single PC player is guranteed to enjoy the new sharper feeling of the game.
  2. Big streamers will hear about it, try or come back to DayZ, stay here longer and will be suprised how nice the firefights suddenly is/feels.
  3. Nice player fights will remove attention from other lacking parts of the game *cough cough*.
  4. Bohemia Interactive gaining more experience and knowledge about this topic (some of it probably applicable for Arma Reforger etc).
  5. The playerbase wont drop by 60% every time there is a wipe in Escape From Tarkov, because the fights in DayZ is not extremely uncomfortable anymore.
  6. It would be extremely not smart for business not to do this.

Arguments against:

  1. You want to minimize PVP. (That race has been run)
  2. A little development time.
  3. The person reading this report would have to take responsibility and bring it to the rest of the DayZ Team.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the game.
  2. Find a weapon.
  3. Aim.
  4. Move the mouse around and feel terrible inside your brain.

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