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Damages to Player made structures with Guns and Grenades. PC Stable patch 1.12
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In current stable patch it takes around 300 m4 shots to destroy wooden frame and wall. This is down from 510 before the recent changes to the weapon damages. If weapon damages are increased then so should health on player made structures be increased. Right now raiding a base is approximately 42% easier than before and raiding in dayz is already fairly easy.

Furthermore, for the last 3 major patches, grenades have been doing equal damage to both wooden and metal walls/gates. It takes 5 grenades to destroy the top part of the wall and the following 2 finish off the bottom part. (Tested this numerous times, changed the distance of the grenade from wall, tested 1 grenade at a time and all of them at once, always the same). It should be 6 grenades to destroy an ENTIRE wooden wall/gate and 7 grenades to destroy ENTIRE metalwall/gate. This is how it was intended and worked before 1.09 update. I was foolish to think someone would mention this to you guys, so here i am finally using the feedback tracker.

I would like to bring attention to the picture i linked below. This is the graph that everyone refers to and i think this is exactly how it should be. Since 1.09 and as of right now, nothing on that picture is correct. This is a system you guys once implemented and i think this was perfect. In short, all my suggestion/feedback is to get back to the system/values you once implemented. I listed this as a "Major" severity since a basebuilding/raiding is something a lot of people care about.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to offline mode on the current stable patch and build a wooden or metal wall.
  2. Shoot the wall and count the mags/bullets.
  3. See that what i said is true.
  4. Compare it to the picture/graph i posted.
  1. Go to offline mode on the current stable patch and build a wooden or metal wall.
  2. Place grenades next to the wall 1 by 1 (or all together doesn't matter) and blow them up.
  3. See that what i said is true.
  4. Compare it to the picture/graph i posted.
Additional Information

I would also mention that the way grenades inflict damage to player made structures can be very different in actual gameplay, since a smallest bit of concrete or 1 step on the stairs or a small rock sometimes seems to soak all of the damage from grenade. Overall grenades need to be a lot more reliable imo.

Personal opinion from a guy with 5000+ hours in game (me) and spends most of his nights either building or raiding a base: Raiding with melee weapons should be nerfed very significantly. As of right now, it is very possible to take 2 of your friends and grab every melee weapon from cherno and use them to raid a base with 3 gates (or more, being conservative here) protecting their loot. Yes, this is very tedious work to beat down a base with 3 gates with just melee weapons, but trust me, people are more than willing to do that. Baseraiding should carry a significant risk and that is definitely present when using nades/weapons because of the sound you make attracting people your way. So here is my suggestion. Once the health on player made structures is increased due to the weapons now dealing more damage. Don't increase the damage melee weapons do to the player made structures.

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I may add:

The frame inside gets destroyed from grenades before the metal sheets (as far as I observed). Why inflict grenades damage to the frame "behind" the metal structure? I think this is how the engine inflicts damage from an explosion. If so - it would be better to disable damage of the frame if a fence still has a structure outside (imho).

It would be more plausible if you have to destroy:
Step 1. The front (destroying the structe "outside" of the fence entirely)
Step 2. The frame inside (the frame inside is now attacable)