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Bicycle exploding when destroyed
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The newly added bicylces (for example "vn_o_bicycle_01") will explode when they are damaged enough. While this is the usual vehicle behaviour, bikes usually dont explode when you break them.

As discussed on the beta tester channel, this might be an engine limitation and might not be fixable, however it might break especially with mods like ACE and will kind of ruin the immersion when crashing a bike and it explodes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Spawn the mentioned bike by any method.

Destroy it by any method.

Watch it explode afterwards.

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This is also true of the GM bicycle. I believe it's a consequence of bicycles having to use a semi-deprecated pre-PhysX vehicle class that dates back to, like, Arma 2. The GM devs have indicated it's not really fixable without BI themselves making some major changes to that vehicle type.

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Thanks for the report.
This issue has now been fixed in our (Savage Game Design) internal build.

As a side note, SOG PF uses the carX simulation (unlike GM) which includes physX interaction.

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