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Official Prairie Fire Zeus Servers
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The official servers have a couple of pretty game-breaking problems currently inflicting them. The command to vote admin, both via typing in the chat and going onto the map to do it via the player list is currently impossible, meaning that the servers are stuck with the default mission settings and difficulties, making it nearly impossible to have an enjoyable experience without basic concepts like reviving, which is also disabled by default.

Going hand in hand with the inability to vote a player as an admin, the vote kick command seems to be non-functioning at the moment.

Furthermore, the global chat seems to be disabled in some form or another. Given that Zeus is a virtual entity in this mission, this means it is impossible for the players to properly communicate with the Zeus. I've seen instances where the Zeus communicates with hints, but that is about the extent of what can occur. Furthermore, names do not appear in the bottom left corner as they should, meaning players cannot see who is speaking. While this seems trivial at first, it creates major issues when you have players begin to blast music over the microphone at a deafening volume; only cementing the need for a player-voted admin.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home, build 19041
Steps To Reproduce

Just join any of the [ OFFICIAL ] Arma 3 SOG Zeus servers and load into a player slot, you will be unable to switch to global chat. Furthermore if people are talking, their names will not appear in the bottom left.

I have only tried to join US servers, cannot confirm if this bug is occurring in EU servers.

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Spoffy added a subscriber: Spoffy.May 9 2021, 7:55 PM

I've passed this along, hopefully resolved soon!

I've passed this along, hopefully resolved soon!

Just joined a server and it seems to be fixed, thank ya'll so much! I've been hearing so much complaining about this issue, but I didn't see any reports of it on here which frustrated me. Thank you guys for the quick response!

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