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Supply Crates - Slingload flipping.
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The MACV Supply Crate object have their sling load points mapped to the pallet it sits on, but the top heavy nature of the load causes the pallets to flip upside down when slung from a helicopter. It doesn't cause any major issues but it means it will always be placed upside down when dropped off at the target location.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Place any helicopter in editor.
2 - Place MACV Supply Crate Workshop in editor.
3 - Start editor mission and take off.
4 - Pick up the load via slingloading.
5 - Switch to 3rd person and observe the load swinging upside down.

Additional Information

So far my testing has found that the Supply Crate Medical and Supply Crate Food do not suffer from this issue but the Supply Crate Ammo and Supply Crate Workshop both flip when lifted.

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