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Centreline gunpods on the Phantom do not fire if a wing gunpod is also fitted
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If a 20mm gunpod is fitted to the Phantom's centreline station, and a gunpod is fitted to either or both of the wing stations capable of carrying gunpods, only the gunpods on the wing stations fire when the trigger is pulled. However, the wing pods are still allowed to use the ammunition allocated to the centreline pod.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place an F-4 Phantom with at least a pilot.
Configure the Phantom's pylons to have 20mm gunpods on the centreline station, as well as either or both of the outboard wing stations.
Assign all the gunpods to the same crewmember (the pilot would be most convenient).
Start the mission, take off, and retract the landing gear to ensure the centre pod is clear to fire.
Select the 20mm guns as your weapon.
Pull the trigger. You will now observe that tracers, muzzle flash, and bullets are only generated by gunpods on the wing stations. You will also observe that your guns have the centreline pod's ammunition available to use.

Return to the editor.
Remove all gunpods except the one on the centreline station.
Repeat the test and observe that the centre pod fires as expected.

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We've picked up your issue and the fix has been implemented in the last S.O.G. update. Thanks for helping us making the game better!
In the unfortunate situation that (part of) the issue persists please open a new ticket and include a link to this one.

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