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FPS drop flying over "Land_sea_wall_F" edited objects
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The object "Land_Sea_Wall_F" (not exclusive) causes severe FPS drop, on clients and even on server, when a helicopter is near it/flying over.
No matter if the "Land_Sea_Wall_F" object is created as object, or simple object, or its simulation disabled.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
last version
Steps To Reproduce

Easily reproducible on vanilla Arma.

  • Just open Stratis (or any map);
  • place 3 to 10 "Land_sea_wall_f" where you want, not too far from each others;
  • play as any helicopter pilot and fly over these objects.

You can repeat the operation after ticking "create as simple object" the sea walls in editor.

Additional Information

As reported in this Forum post, the Black Taru seems more impacted... but the helicopter type doesn't really matter for experiencing this FPS drop.
The FPS drop occurs at most when helo flies over these objects.

Flying higher (more than 100 m), reduces the drop;
1rd or 3rd person don't give the same result (probably due to the nbr of displayed sea walls on screen).

I tested also all real bounding boxes on this object without finding a bug or a difference between LOD...

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