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Dayz Experimental Update 1.12 Zombie Feedback
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I like being able to stealth kill zombies easier, but sneaking up on one is a lot harder now especially if there are groups of them together. It seems like the zombies are a little overpowered in this update since they can aggro to you from a further distance if they hear a door open or footsteps, but the most overpowering aspect is that most of the time when they are aggro their attacks cannot be interrupted when being melee. For example, I would be crouch walking through part of town and a zombie would aggro to me from about 10-15 meters. That zombie would then aggro other zombie in the area, and by the time you know it your being attacked by 2-3 different zombies in which your probably gonna end up using at least 2-3 bandages or rags after the fight if you survive because even using a shovel or sledge hammer will not interrupt their attacks. They will continue to swing at you even when they are hit with a heavy melee weapon which is kind of unrealistic and overpowered especially when your trying to kill 3 zombies at once and you can't even interrupt 1 zombies attacks you will have a continuous barrage from them and will eventually keep on being cut and using up all rags or bandages with almost every zombie encounter that are grouped of at least 2 or more. Whereas, in the 1.11 update you can at least interrupt most of the zombies attacks when you are the first one to start melee making it more sense and not overpowering when taking on 2 or more zombies.


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I keep seeing complainings about this changes, but dude this is a zombie's game, the infected don't have to be just as annoying as flies, they have to be a threat. In 1.11 with an axe I can clean a city of infected without major problems and without anyone notice it. Anyway, I would like to be able to avoid some hits, have you try dodging the hits? I mean, using Q &/or E key? That would be fair, but if you are outnumbered you are suppose to feel in danger.
As most of the previous patches that changed the gameplay is just a matter of time to get used to it. Be patience and play smart.

luckydog2128 added a comment.EditedApr 6 2021, 3:01 AM

Out of the 1,047 hours of playing this game I hardly noticed it was a zombie survival game. Have you tried to dodge the zombie's attack with the Q or E button or have you tried to dodge 2-3 zombies attacks with the Q and E button while they are mauling you at the same time? Maybe you can post a video of dodging the zombies attacks with the Q and E button and show me how it is done?

I didn't ask the question because I know it's practical. I have more than 2 thousand Hours and have never tried this actually, at least not again infected, I was just trying to think new ways to fight against zed without the need of the complaints.

Thank you to the development team for addressing this issue in the DayZ 1.13 update.