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Heavy attack stun chains do not work on infected
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When performing a chain of heavy attacks on a player, each stun applies the instant the melee weapon hits, keeping them in a 'stunlock' whilst the attacks are performed, when you attempt to stunlock infected in the same way they are stunned by the first hit but the second hit will not stun them again while they are in the stun animation from the initial hit, they will instead remain in the original animation until it finishes and then return to an un-stunned state immediately with the second heavy attack having had no stun effect on them. Please see the examples in the video below:

By contrast, here is a player being hit into a heavy attack combo stunlock:


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Perform a heavy attack combination on an infected
Observe how they are stunned back by the first hit
Observe how they are NOT stunned again by the second or even third hit whilst they are still in the stun animation from the initial hit

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