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Dedicated server problems
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Since the last Bis A3 update? (09/03/21) when using forcedDifficulty Custom, on our Dedicated server we no longer see waypoints, personnel markers, & mission task markers. All the other "custom" difficulty settings still seem active & working. & if you host on your own PC with same settings they all show, but NOT on the Dedicated server ?? Also have discovered tactical ping, & Commands, stance, & weapon also not showing???? Yet other settings like no crosshair & no 3rd party do still work, so it must be reading the correct file?


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
not sure its a paid for server called Fragnet
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

We have turned off the "forceddifficulty" on the server.cfg for now, selecting a default for each mission.

Additional Information

the server is, House Of Clowns [LOL] Connection Info

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There are others with the same problem forcedDifficulty settings no longer working on Dedicated servers?

jgaz-uk added a comment.EditedSun, Apr 4, 9:37 PM

Would appreciate someone taking a look at this. something similar happened a couple of years ago & a bis patch fixed it.

Since the last bis/Steam A3 update on Dedicated servers with forced difficulty set, A3 is not reading the "Users\server\server.Arma3Profile" settings.

Same problem on Ubuntu 20.04. Reinstall the server and change the difficulty does not help.

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jgaz-uk added a comment.EditedFri, Apr 9, 9:27 PM

Still the problem of; Dedicated servers with forced difficulty set, A3 is not reading the "Users\server\server.Arma3Profile" settings. or rather only activating some of them.