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SP Campaign: Client loads "Reality Check" no matter what player selcets in Campaign menu
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Running the Performance Profiling Build it has become impossible to start a SP campaign.

No matter what available content is selected, the game client will load the very first line entry in the Menu-UI for Campaign -> "Reality Check"

This applies to ANY single player campaign, be it by BHI or by 3rd party and includes the MAJOR optional DLCs (Contact, GM)

Bug might be variant of behavior described in 2019 in forum here (for standard build):


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce
  • run Performance Profiling Build
  • select pulldown Singleplayer, entry line Campaigns
  • select any entry in the list (if owned and available), either campaign start or any campaign mission already "unlocked" in the list
  • notice client loading first menu item entry "Reality Check", not matter what player has selected

Tested with any combination of optional DCL on/off or no optional DLC on, tested with no mods loaded or any combination of SP campaign suitable client side mods loaded.

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Cannot reproduce.
I went to campaigns, selected "Drawdown 2035" and it loaded "Drawdown 2035"
maybe profiling v8 fixed it already?

that is **correct**,
I just tried, and it loaded "Drawdown 2035" or "State Scarlet" or any selected campaign or unlocked mission.
So v8 seems to have fixed that already.
But please be advized that I switched to the standard build in-between, so if there was a lingering outlier bug, it might have been cleaned up by the switch "profiling->standard->profiling", and whatever caused it, can now not be reproduced (also not logs available aso)

At the time of the bug report the bug was very much present and ARMA on latest updates at the time (the form should really include a reference to the build version as a pulldown or at least a text field)

So bug can be set to "resolved" from my PoV.