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[Radar Warning Bug] Lock on Alarm Continues Indefinitely When Out of LoS From Threat
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The alarm indicating an enemy anti-air has locked onto the player's aircraft continues endlessly, should the player fly out of the threat's line of sight before it is disabled or disengages on its own.

It will continue to sound even after landing (e.g: for rearming) and stops only after returning to the area where the threat is located and either destroying it, or causing it to somehow lose focus without going out of range again.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

Setup player as pilot of a jet such as the F/A-181 Black Wasp II

Fly it into an area where enemy anti-air (Tigris, ManPads, etc) are present

Continue until an enemy unit locks on to you, triggering the lock on alarm

Accelerate away with lock-on "bee-boop" tone sounding, use countermeasures to dodge any missiles fired by enemy

Speed your way out of the enemy line of sight while it still has a lock on you.

Observe if the alarm stops playing or not (sometimes it does, other times, it doesn't)

Additional Information

Also happens with helicopters, anything capable of detecting AA threats locking on and sounding out the alarm for it.

This has been observed in more than one MP Coop server, in various versions of "Invade&Annex" and "Domination" - It is thus reasonable to exclude mission-specific conditions as a probable cause.

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Moach created this task.Mar 20 2021, 10:12 AM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Mar 26 2021, 11:09 AM

Do you know if this is a new issue that recently appeared? maybe with 2.02 release?