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Made fire, endless bleed
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Tonight while playing, surviving, thriving, I came across the worst bug so far. I made a fire for my friend and boom I was bleeding x7, I couldn’t bandage myself at all or use any medical supplies I had, and my friend used 3x bandage packs on me, everytime I’d heal it would go straight back up. Maybe it was my clothes, no all my clothing was either worn or pristine. Please fix this bug. I love this game for all the high n lows. But this bug is a game over. This is on PS4.


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Windows 7
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The other problems I’ve been coming across a lot are, keep getting stuck on doors or zombies or in the ground whilst being hit. Screen keep turning uncontrollably. Wolves and zombies glitch in though the wall. Pleeeeease fix these.

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This is on PS4 I forgot to say. Couldn’t change it sorry

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Thank you for the report MsZombieKiller92.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.

This just happened to me too and I'm kinda pissed off but I'm glad to hear it's scheduled for a fix. It happened two times in a row and I thought It was a new game mechanic for Namalsk.