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Warlords on Dedicated Server with "Fast Travel" disabled for everyone unplayable - AI gets stuck after seizing first sector! Support already acknowledged problem via E-Mail.
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As mentioned in the title above, the AI works absolutely fine, when the Multiplayer Warlords game is hosted on the PC you're using to play Arma 3 with.

However, as soon as you disable "Fast Travel" for everyone, including the AI and make it run on a Dedicated Server, the AI will seemingly just stop working, after having seized the first sector.
Apparently they will not get updated waypoints and instead they cycle on the SAD (Search & Destroy) order indefinitely.
Once you enable Fast Travel, everything will work as intended and they'll jump to the next spawn point, even on a Dedicated Server.

I have contacted BIS Support about it already and it was confirmed to be a bug, so I should wait for it to be fixed in the upcoming update(s).
Nonetheless I decided to open up a new Bug Report on here, so I can track the progress and check in on my ticket every once in a while, until this issue is finally resolved.

As I don't like to play Warlords with said option enabled, it is quite a game (mode) breaking issue for me and I hope it gets addressed at some point in time.

Thanks for all your hard work btw. I really appreciate it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
20H2 - fully updated both client & server side
Steps To Reproduce

Run any Warlords map with "Fast Travel" DISABLED on a dedicated server (other settings won't matter at all) and watch the AI get stuck after having successfully seized the first sector.

Sometimes they will get stuck for 10-20 minutes and other times they won't be moving out of there at all.

Additional Information

Game is completely unmodded (both the client and server) and the server config is almost blank, since I wanted to absolutely make sure, that this issue is 100% reproducable on every system!

Server FPS are constantly at 47-48 FPS and everything else is running perfectly smooth as well.

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Any chance you guys can confirm this is being actively worked on?

chose added a subscriber: chose.Mar 8 2021, 10:02 AM

Yeah I should be able to fix this quite quickly. Thanks for the report.

Awesome news. Warlords is by far my favorite game mode and I'd love to use it again on my Dedicated Server in the future.

Thanks for all your hard work, chose! I appreciate it.

Just checking in, is there any news regarding the progress made on fixing the Warlords game mode?