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DayZ speed hacker and god mode
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Server: DayZ US - NY 6053 (1st person only)
Time: around 10:47 PM EST
Location: NW AIrfield ATC
My steam64 ID: 76561198426823079

Friend died in ATC, I set up to snipe the player or players ( there was 2 but one may have left the building) inside ATC and witnessed very strange movement from the players inside. I will attach all video evidence. The player was moving abnormally fast and could move at a fast speed while aiming through a scope. i finally got a clear shot on the player with a blaze. I hit him n the chest and instead of ragdolling the player's body darts to the left(can be seen in the video). I move into ATC to check the body and he is still alive not wearing a plate carrier and we trade shots. I hit him 2-3 times with the USG45 and die. Attached are videos of the unusual movement and the shooting plus additional screenshots. There are at least 2 players involved in this. They go to the airfield and bait people in by shooting then outflank by speed hacking. this is the only time I have saved footage of it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello desolator19.
This space is used to report in game bugs only. The hack detection and banning system is administrated by BattlEye and therefore we suggest you contact BattlEye directly at
Please make sure you provide BattlEye with all this information and the videos you have uploaded to this ticket.