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0x0000dead errorMessage: File Mission\ШШХЪЪД\ЖЖС\ , line 7: /MAV_guiNavigation/Controls.Background: Undefined base class 'MAV_ctrlStaticBackground'
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i play 6h per day since 3 years veyr nice and perfect and i close it mornoing and reopen this afternoon and got this error just after clikcing on play on the launcher without or with mods.

i clear already cache,i did verify integity of files by steam,i canhed profil,i created new profile,;i updated graphic drivers,i done a lot but it happens all time and she is so strange one when it say fille mission : ШШХЪЪД\ЖЖС lol

i make my report here


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This looks more like an issue caused by the mission itself depend on some other stuff rather than some issue of arma3 itself. Try to contact the mission author or google the base class name.

hi there no mission, i launch arma without mission and mod,its the why i dont understand....i dont doçwnloaded or add any mission for more 3 month and all worked fine

also i try to do other profil withtout any profil or config...i verify many time integrety i working on advanced virus search that take very long time to do....and if he find some one somewhere,i will re-verify integrity of files and try again...if not i will re-install,but i scare that to re-install will chyange this bug appears alone by changing nothing in arma folder or document folder...played 6-7day per day fine and just i reboot and play again like any other day and boom it appears like magic...i dont sleep and work on all night till now 1hpm..thank you

Corsicasia added a comment.EditedSun, Feb 21, 1:13 PM

what you mean its " even i launch arma withoàut mods and any mission..if have a corrupted files in mission folder it can make arma crash" ?

i dont know it not work ,i tried to fix all way..the most hard to undertand it is that i add no mission and wonloaded nothing in any arma folder..and changed no files too..

i really dont know where too search ,wich file to delete? what you can advise me ? even i cahnge nothing into mission for 3 month..if you tell me too delete all mission folder i will try it ?

Although this is a feedback tracker to report bugs and make requests and not a support forum (that's what the regular community forums, steam foums and maybe even reddit are for): As from another topic: What happens if you double-click the arma3(_x64).exe in the arma folder directly instead of using the launcher?

will try now double click,i not thin to done it,thank for your patience

Corsicasia added a comment.EditedSun, Feb 21, 1:32 PM

no luck same same

ok delete my tread,i will delete all aabout arma and lost my 5000hours progression and work....and hope by intallion,g again i will not got same error

Well, you may can try this:

  • clean local appdata: c:\users\<yourusername>\appdata\local - and delete both the Arma3 and Arma3-Launcher folder
  • clean documents: c:\users\<yourusername>\documents - and delete all Arma3 folders

This way you should get rid of most custom settings that may be change the way the game executeable is loaded.

i deletied all..mean in the laucnher i have nothing like my first timle connection..and same error about a mission,while there no 1 single mission in any computer hard to find a way out + no virus or trojan..i m hardware have only 4 month and never hot but old time cold..did u think can come from hardware to make this error ?

there no mission or profil folder anywhere...there nothign than nothing and it still make the same error ,while evenb i se"arching the name of the mission error or the name of the path in my entire hard drive ,it found nothing strange,so hard to find a as i have delete all and it no work i will try again on steam to veryfy integrity of files if no reset (for peanuts as i change nothing or install nothing since my last game session ahhh)

have you subscribed to anything in the workshop?

Corsicasia added a comment.EditedSun, Feb 21, 2:14 PM

no; but i delete it on steam right now...there no mission nohwere and still same error about a strange mission name and i play every day without anymod on altis life for a while,hope it will work after re-install because to reset windows for kind of stuff appear like magic it make very mad,especially when my computer its my work space..

i found that so bad ther no option like " fix the game" same as ma,y other appz..coz we just have to deinstall an d dowloaded back for hours and top try again without being sure it will work..i am mad really..why not to workon an arma 4 with better optimisation with enfusion engine...on Arma many eoiple got strange problem happens all time in game...all complain about..i swear..if a good arma 4 you make a can delte my thread..i will play another game

Well, as pointed out: This is only a feedback tracker meant for reporting serious bugs, logic errors, and put feature requests. What you encounter is for support - so it would fit way better on the community forums, the steam forums, or maybe even reddit. Posting your issue here is just the wrong spot for it.
This tracker is for some like "I found an issue in campaign east wind, mission 3 on altis, where this and that should happen - but instead X happens" - but not what you reported. You encounter some launch issue caused by some weird setting or launch option - maybe caused by some file loaded along with normal game launch. So you need support - that's nothin for this tracker, hence many post such issues here don'T get any reply at all.
So, what could cause such? I don'T know - as Arma3 still quire LOTs of work although it's released back in 2013.
As for your "fix the game" - well, that'S what steam tries to implement with its "verify game files" feature - but this only works as long as the root cause can be fixed by such action as restoring the default data. But as arma3 was developed with custom content in mind it does search for quite a lot of additional files in lots of locations that are not covered by steams feature to check the integrity. Maybe it'S some weird registry entry somehow checked and executed by the startup code - but as only very few is documented public without knowing the exact stack that lead to this point it's extremely hard to nearly impossible to figure it out - let alone only communicating through this site - and quite bad english from both of us.

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Software Piracy is not supported. I suggest you buy our game if you want to play it.

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Software Piracy is not supported. I suggest you buy our game if you want to play it.

I somewhat suspected such - pretty much about the same with that other topic - how you'Re able to tell it's a pirated copy?

pretty much about the same with that other topic

The other topic is not piracy.