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Can't recharge car-truck batteries in v1.11
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I was charging my car battery for an hour almost and charger still blinks same light and it even discharged even more while charging.
I have a working generator, i plug the charger first, otherwise there is no option to plug in (with battery already attached). When i plug the charger, i place it on the ground by holding mouse one. Then i attach battery, then i start generator, switch on charger and its light start to blink. Then i though, maybe it can only charge complete empty battery's, cause mine was half empty at the start. Yes, it was half full or even more than half and during all this process (taking it out of the car, carrying it to the charger and during charge) it lost charges, i think it was discharging while it was in my inventory as-well. OK so I drained it completely with a car (was left only 7-10% of those 50%) and then it started to charge finally, but only till the level that was before putting it back into the car, charged to those 7-10% and stopped.

Car battery, spark plug, battery charger, power generator - all these items were in pristine condition.
Before this car battery was removed from front-crashed car but still in pristine condition.


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Windows 10 x64
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just try to recharge any truck or car battery on vanilla server.

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Update: Today i found another car battery and managed to charge it to full with an old setup.

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Update2: today i tried to recharge 3 car batteries, 2 of them recharged just fine and the last one refused to. All in pristine condition. Another thing, fully charged batteries started to weight 4-5 times more their weight after charge.
Here i uploaded a video.
Also the battery which refused to charge had a blue background color

Cant charge my truck battery too. normal setup and normal server. We can charge a car battery, but not a truck battery.

It's not that the cargo battery is not charging, even the car battery cannot be charged normally

My car battery for example did start charging, but stopped after a short while. I ran the generator until it was empty, no change occured in the battery charge{F2139040}

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