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Cheater on DayZ NY 6032
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I was just killed by a cheater at 9:24 PM EST on the DayZ NY 6032 server. I had just entered the town of Olsha, and was hiding in a metal shed with the door closed when I was killed with one bullet through the head. Not a good start to my 1.11 experience...


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Play on public servers.

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The rampant cheating is driving me away from this game.

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Samg381 created this task.Feb 17 2021, 3:28 AM

It sucks, a brand new update is out and there's already hackers everywhere. We nearly raided a base, we go do our thing and come back 2 hours later to check what's up and whole Electro is being camped by hackers protecting the base. The logical thing would be to ban the whole clan, they had 5 cars on day 1 and a bunch of other things, no wonder.

I've given accurate feedback, gyazos too of being shot out of nowhere, in cover, 4 times in a row, hopefully something happens, but I highly doubt it. I wanted to mess around on official but I guess you have to stick to modded servers.

I do notice there is more cheaters whenever the game goes on sale.... they need to stop putting out these sales... Or else the cheaters will by so many alt accounts to cheat on.

Not a patch, but a solid problem! (just kidding) just did a raid with friends on a FULL LOOT BASE, and the next day - wipe all players xD

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Hello Samg381
This space is used to report in game bugs only. The hack detection and banning system is administrated by BattlEye and therefore we suggest you contact BattlEye directly at
Please make sure you provide BattlEye with as much evidence possible, ideally a video or Steam ID of the hacker.

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