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Pistols rebalance.
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I have been playing DayZ since around 6 years and i feel like pistols/pistol rounds were perfect untill 1.0/1.01 update hit (they were perfect when vital organs were a thing too) when vital organs were removed (i understand they caused hitreg problems). Because their ammo is much more rare in 1.11 i think they should have much faster time to kill on unarmored players and should deal more shock when shooting players with helmets. It would make them viable guns to protect from freshspawns and mit tier loot survivors but also would make them usable vs armored enemies. I dont really understand shock values that guns deal but around 25% more headshot shock with 9mm and other pistol rounds seem balanced for me. When it comes to damage, 34 for 9mm, 28 for .380, 44 for .45 and 25 for .22. Many ammo types have crazy damage like latest .357 rounds. with its 105 damage so a little increase to pistols so they are more useful than axes or shovels and sledgehammers would be welcome. .45 damage would be a little too close to 5.56 and 5.45 so i would say they need 60 health damage and 7.62x39 should have 65 just because these rounds are heavier and stronger and they had the same damage as 5.56 since second stress test update when M4 was added. I hope you take these tips into consideration, they dont have to be even close to numbers i gave, i just want to make playstyles like sniper with pistol or coast fights more fun, currently pistols are only used for less than 10m spamming and praying they wont oneshot you.


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NakedByo created this task.Feb 6 2021, 12:58 PM

I don't agree with this, pistols are just fine where its at right now. I never had problems killing geared players with pistols. you can litterally kill a geared player with MKII pistol .22 if you shoot them in the head 4 or 5 times (and that is with a helmet on)

MKII pistol is very low caliber, you would think its BB gun compared to diffrent ammo types... but 9mm is only 44% stronger than that. How often are you capable of shooting someone 3-4 times in the head? Even if enemy would stand still and react after 1 second he would be able to oneshot you or simply outdps you. DayZ shouldnt be game where stronger gear wins but a game where tactics and stealth wins. Pistols have 10% range of rifles and barely any attachments so i guess a little dmg buff wouldnt hurt would it? Do you find pistols fun? Do you think 5 shots to the head to kill with characters moving 18km/h is fun? Many players think pistols are balanced but its only because they dont use them. Do you think you would be capable of holding up somebody with a pistol? Its impossible because even at point blank range you can outdamage it with fists, only place where pistols find their use is killing players without guns at ranges from 5-10 meters because if they are too far away you wont hit anything and if they are too far they will outdamage/outshock you. I guess only people aware of how bad they are and wouldnt want their buff are coastal bambikillers because then bambis would have a chance.