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Sewing Kit and Sheathed Knife Repair/Open Issue Experimental 1.11
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If you have a sewing kit in hands, and drag a damaged piece of clothing (that you are currently wearing) onto the sewing kit, it does not give the option to repair. Also if you have an unopened can of food in hands, and drag a sheathed/belt knife onto the can you don't get the option to open the can.

Leather sewing kit is working ok, I can drag a damaged vest that I'm wearing onto a leather kit in hands and can repair it ok. Also you can repair clothes with the sewing kit if you take the clothing off and place it onto ground, so the issue is minor.

This is on the current experimental version 1.11 on a server with no mods.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip damaged shirt.
  2. Take sewing Kit to hands.
  3. Try to repair damaged shirt by dragging shirt onto sewing kit in hands on the Inventory screen.
  4. No option to repair (box is red, box not orange).
  1. Place knife in Belt knife Sheath.
  2. Take unopened can of food to hands.
  3. Drag sheathed knife onto unopened can.
  4. No option to open.
  5. Also place sheathed knife on hot bar, with can in hands and hold down knife hotbar number, no option to open.

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