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DayZ Experimental PC: Strange 'Window Smashing' audio sound from Sarka car 30 seconds after login
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We currently have a fully operational Sarka car (still have it and reproducible every time if you want to investigate).

After a player logs in, and within reasonable distance of the Sarka, you will hear a distinct glass smashing noise. It's very loud and disturbing and scared the s*1t out of us the first few times it happened (still does catch us off guard sometimes!).

This sound will play every time, within the first 30 seconds of logging in and happens to my friends also, so not just me!
I think it is highly likely linked to the passenger door which is in "damaged" status, with no window present. When I replaced the passenger door with a pristine one, the sound stopped happening on login.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Own a fully operational Sarka car... well the one we have anyway. It has a passenger door attached which is in "damaged" status.
Logout. Then login near the car.
Within 30 seconds, you will hear the glass smashing sound. Only the new player logged in near the car will hear it, a friend nearby will not hear the same sound.

Additional Information

Replacing the door with a pristine one appears to correct the issue.

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