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Zombie head is too strong vs projectile—.22 weapons require two shots to kill, poor gameplay
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Solution: increase "projectile" damage multiplier on zombie's head, or reduce zombie's head health slightly


Killing a zombie with a headshot requires 20 damage to its head, the .22 weapons don't have 20 damage, meaning the .22 weapons require two shots to kill them. This is bad for a number of reasons:

  1. The .22 weapons always killed zombies in one shot for years in DayZ alpha, and the ammo stacks are large, the ammo is fairly common, this gave a reason for players to continue to carry the .22 weapons, even for "geared" players who have better main weapons.
  1. The silenced .22 pistol is useless for killing zombies now because they aggro after first headshot, attracting more zombies, and also alerting any nearby players.
  1. Ammo stack of 50 rounds, at 2 rounds per zombie, means you can only kill max 25 zombies per stack. Suppressed .380 or 9mm can kill max 35 zombies per stack. The larger stacks of .22 mean nothing now since you need more slots to kill less zombies than larger rounds, even with headshots!
  1. Unrealistic—a .22 through skull should be deadly, period.
  1. Inconsistent—.22 can kill a player in one headshot (brain hitbox fatalinjurycoef=0), but it can't do the same on a zombie?

I've seen multiple comments on DayZ subreddit complaining about this and there are mods that servers are running to change it. But the base game should be fixed so people don't need to add a server mod, as this is a clear example of bad gameplay. People responsible for balancing need to look at this issue.


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Hello Gews.
Weapons are subject of constant balance and the .22 weapons are currently being looked at internally and their damage will possibly be adjusted for the future versions.

Gews added a comment.EditedJan 9 2021, 3:56 AM

@Geez I think the 18 points of damage for the .22 rounds is fine, because six body shots to kill player is reasonable for such a weak round. And it already kills player in one shot to head(brain).

Instead of adjusting .22 the zombie's DamageZones could be adjusted. In zombie's head class there is:

33 health, fatalinjurycoef=0.1, and a 1.5x projectile damage in armortype. So .22 does 1.5x18 = 27 damage. And to reach the fatalinjurycoef you need 30 damage.

Simply increasing the zombie head's projectile armortype damage to 1.75x or 2x would result in .22 killing zombies with headshots, without altering the .22 round itself.

Melee weapons would not be affected. And such a change would not result in a visible change for any other bullets because all rounds .380-.308 kill the zombies right now in one shot anyways.