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Say3D dont work
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This edition of the editor(Video at the end of the text) from which I used the commands inside the triggers and waypoint is old, which was created in August 2020.

So these days(2021) I went to work on it again, but when trying to use the command "say3D", in all the places I tried to use (trigger and waypoint) and even in the Start inside the object, the game accuses an error.

Not even on an object (since it was created in August 2020) from which the command works within it, if I try to modify any character such as the name of the object or even the class name of another audio file, the game has the same mistake.

I haven't tried it yet, but I think that just using an SQF file being executed by ExecVM, will make the command work and the object play the audio, since through the Console window the command seems to work normally.

Does anyone know if this is really broken or has a new way of using say3D inside the "Trigger" and "Waypoint" and in the "Init" inside the object?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
2004 (19041.685)
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce, just use the command "say3D" in the editor anywhere it was supposed to work (within Init, when activating the trigger or Waypoint)

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The say3D script command now returns an object.
You cannot end a editor script with an object, you always have to end with nothing.
Workaround would be to change

... say3D ...


0 = ... say3D...

We will try to fix that for 2.04 but can't make any promises, it has always been this way with editor script text boxes.