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AI doesn't call supports (using the SUPPORTS waypoint)
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The documentation for the Support waypoint mentions that AI should be able to call for support from the units that are currently in a support waypoint:

AI leaders also tend to request that every single appropriate support group attends them. AI will not take a support group's vulnerability into consideration when requesting support.

This doesn't work. For example crews of damaged vehicles do not call an available repair truck.


Operating System
Windows 10
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Placed a NATO repair truck, set its waypoint to support.
  2. Placed a NATO tank nearby
  3. Placed a Rhino MGS, play as its gunner
  4. Shot the tank with a couple of armor piercing rounds at its tracks, causing the crew to disembark
  5. The support truck doesn't move
  6. I go to the tank, enter it and call the support myself - the truck arrives and repairs the tank, no problem.

Example mission is attached.

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