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cooking pot/pan bug
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Just wanted to report a bug with the cooking pot/pan that has happened 2 times now. First time was on Spaggie's TRMZ US server and the 2nd time was on the Official DayZ US-LA 5978. On Spaggie's US TRMZ server I was cooking in a house in the fireplace that's in the house. Once I finished I put the cooking gas canister & the portable gas stove back together (was showing a new player to the game how cooking works in houses) WE continued on our journey and got an audio bug, I relogged and noticed that the cooking pan & the gas canister were not in my inventory anymore. Only the portable gas stove was in my inventory. 2nd time was on Official DayZ US-LA 5978. Had the cooking pot attached to the portable gas stove, after server restart the cooking pot was gone and only the portable gs stove was left in my inventory.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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GILF created this task.Nov 22 2020, 11:23 PM

This has happened to three of my pots on xbox,there missing, can't have the tank and stove and pot together, they will be removed from Inv