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Arma 3 0x00000035- error
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I have had this problem with the arma 3 launcher where when I try start it with or without mods it crashes on me with the error code 0x00000035- and I am pretty sure this is Badnet path error and don't know if this will help you help me but it loads the game up fine when in the launcher I go into battleye menu and unclick enable Battleye anit-cheat software.

This started to happen to me randomly like before I was playing this game online and offline fine but one day it just said 0x00000035- excited arma 3 unusual manner and won't work now.

I have tried all the guidelines for this error and youtube stuff but it still has not worked for me I don't know but I think my computer might be blocking files because that is what it say in the battleye menu on the launcher can someone please HELP ME !!!!!!.

-Austin Fucking help me you gamer.


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Windows 10 x64
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Windows 10 x64

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