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1.10 Backpack Storage Persistence - Please consider setting back to 2 days
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I've read that in the latest 1.10 Experimental that all 2 day persistence was being reset to 8 hours and all 1 day to 4. I'm generally okay with this if it improves performance given the amount of "liter" on the servers.

HOWEVER, I would suggest that the developers reconsider this for at least bags (mountain bag, dry bag, etc). For those of us that can only afford to play a few hours a day, but play nearly every day or two, bags have become a very useful "quick stash"

Please reconsider this as no doubt when the switch occurs many such people will be adversely impacted. If need be this could be limited to bags over a certain size (say storage of 63 and larger) thereby limiting small storage such as the school bag etc.

This is especially the case given that the devs are already removing berries to improve performance (for me berries were often a lifesaver if I was thirsty as they spawned more readily than mushrooms and in good condition).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Build 18363
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1.10 latest patch notes say all 2 day persistence was changed to 8 hours. I've not tested this but I suspect it impacts bags given the notes don't state otherwise. No repro steps other than drop a bag and come back less than 2 days later and bag is gone... :/

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