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More cheaters
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steam id: yalleh
server: DayZ Livonia US - LA 5375
Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Date: Oct 19, 2020
Time: 5:00 am - 6:00 am pacific time

Last week I report 3 cheaters, they went through the entire map killing anyone and taking everything on the map. I havent seen them again but today my computer was lagging so bad I couldnt play. I check who was on and 3 players with unknown names appeared. I think this may be the same three players who were cheating and came on the server to get all their stolen gear and go to another server. Would love if you checked it out, also if you let me know if this is whats happening and if the last three were banned and these three reappeared with new names.

I have attached a photo of the 3 who I reported last week and the three I saw today. I did shut down DAYZ when this happened. I also got Kuro when I was throwing my body parts that they cut up. It was still inside my base and I had to get rid of it and instead of throwing I took 1 bite..... would love if you can get rid of my Kuro but I can also commit Seppuku and try to find my gear


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Log in and cheaters sometimes appear. It has gotten much better

Additional Information

I hope if its the same three they had to rebuy both Dayz and Steam, at least then you would make money off the incessant cheating (I would call it hacking because I think they are just buying someone elses cheat code)

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yalleh created this task.Oct 19 2020, 4:53 PM

please go on server eu - de 1297 ..
on this server i hutn cheaters with videoproof ..
keep the server full and stay friendly ..
if you find someone make team up with him and say to him... we can hunt cheaters if you want ..

i hate cheaters and hunt them with video proof ..
but only on this server ..

at time i think the cheaters com to the weekend ..

friday ... to sunday ... time are vom 21 pm to 3 am o clock ...
they know they get hunted ..
but they go on other servers to search and destroy bases ..

this means ..
go on server eu - de 1297 ..
in the week no cheater has killedme and my team ... at last weekend we not get killed my cheaters ... but they will come back if server are full fullfull..

so i hope you can help and make this server full ..

and admins?
make admin guest account with admin toolto hunt cheaters with videoproof on twitch stream
so the community can see someone hunt cheaters ..
and this are no fake but very hard work without admin tool xD
i want to make this voluntary ..

and i hope i can get start soon ... so fast as you can build this admin anti cheater volutary guest tool ... to hutn cheaters volutary xD
every body hates cheaters and 9i hunt them ..
and i dont need money or fame ..
i only want to make my great dayz game better as before ... again ..

thanks for your time and help ..

and maybe ..
you can build with the game engine a copy of counter strike ...
i think this was a good idear to ..
but first ... very important ..
make something against cheaters ..
for me and for the nice community who love dayz ... please :-)

thanks for your time