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New traverseTurret and elevateGun script command
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In latest dev branch the "elevatePeriscope" script command was added.
It would be very usefull to have two similar script commands, that can control gun elevation and turret traverse.

Having the two extra commands would be super useful to have for fire control systems, or the "simple" feature where a barrel (e.g. big / old artillery) has to elevate to horizontal before reloading and then back again... Or custom turret damage (e.g. gun being stuck in last position, rather than the "sad droopy barrel" feature)

Right now (unless i missed something) you cant directly influence turret/gun orientation via scripts on non UGV turrets, animateSource/animate commands just dont work on turret/gun when the vehicle is crewed normally.

Although some dirty tricks with piling animations on top of each other in the model can be used as workarounds, it gets complicated and dirty very quickly. E.g. hiding/unhiding copies of the turrets just so you can remove user inputs etc, including turret indicators etc - it just doesnt work that well and requires lots of double geometry, animations, etc to get it semi functional.


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