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cheaters are back stem level 1
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forgot to include the cheaters name on my last report{F1958123}


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yalleh created this task.Oct 15 2020, 2:18 PM

very important ...

make video proof ..
the time .. the date -..-.
a screnshotor steam id from suspect ..
server name --.

and with that information he can find the cheater faster ...
with wich gun you get killed?

but without video .... no chance ..

but thanks for your help ..

for me ?
you are the cheater ..
and make falseflag attacks to blockcheater hunt .. or something ..

learn how you can make videos...
and make cheater videos like this :

clear and not solong ..
than he can wind him if you send ..:

the time and date ..
your steam profile name ...
and the video proof ..

and if the video clear ...? he gets an ban i think ..

but thanks for your time and help to hunt cheaters
i hunt themto ... but with videoproof and its a very hard work ..

dont waste your or our time please ...
but thanks for your time ..

and very thanks to the admins who hunt cheaters to ..
i hate cheaters and you? :-)
maybe you can hunt them with video proof to :-)

no retreat no surrender my friend

I don't retreat or surrender and I can't make video proof. If it is true that they can't find cheaters with the information given then why bother making a report. Please make sure your comments are correct if so they I can stop wasting my time. If however these players with the photo proof of who they are, were banned from the game and then created a new steam account, then they can be banned again. Its not like me or you didn't know they would come back or that you can't figure out that they came back. Now if they come back without cheating.. great lesson learnt.