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Day Z Bug kill reprot
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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

On the official day Z server DayZ Livonia EU - DE 4247 (1st Person Only | Temporary)
was me and my team killed by a bug in car from wai to Gieraltow. The car was thrown and collapsedup down to texture
All 3 crew members died
It was a straight road without curves bug kill us.......

The bug can prove the photo of the 4th member arrived at the place a moment later on foot.
Unfortunately the whole equipment is respawn in a moment.
Please is it possible to get our things back or their replacement?

Thank you for Help Erik Růžička

Additional Information

Major losses
Night vision 1x
M4 assalut riffle 1x
AKM 2x
60 round 5,56×45 magasine 4X
75 round 7.62x54 drum mag 2x
Army plate Vest 2x
Front plate vest bags 1x
assault helmets with windshield 2x

Thank you for all suport
we spent hours and hours searching for things

Event Timeline

Erik-CZ created this task.Sep 27 2020, 12:48 AM

Please is it possible to get our things back or their replacement? ... ---

sry no ....
but thanks foryour time and this report ... its an old BuG i think ...
but in some cases he come back ...
sry --- i hope they can or will fix it ..

but thanks for your time

Greetings to all survivor, since the new console update you can still jump the walls with the car something that you promised to solve and another bug that I saw is that if you get out of the car very close to a base you can appear on the other side