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Game stuck after rearming at second mission of Virtual Training Advanced Helicopter Course
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When i refuel helicopter there's no problem, refuel task will be complete. But after that, doesn't matter how many times i try to rearm my helicopter, game gets stuck, mission can't be completed. I tried to pass nearly 20 times and found myself here. That's not about failing, too. I clearly see that countermeasure blasts are rearmed but mission won't be completed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Virtual Training from main menu
  2. Launch Advanced Helicopter course
  3. Proceed to second mission
  4. Watch mission stuck after rearming
Additional Information

That wasn't the case when i watched some dudes gameplay from youtube. Also my friend said that he could accomplish the level without any issues. Hence i don't know if that bug is just for me.

Event Timeline

sup_arman22 changed Severity from Minor to Major.Sep 26 2020, 12:01 AM
  1. Refuel (refueling isn't problematic, task complete, mission continues, number of cm blasts are low and heli needs to be rearmed):

  1. Rearm (cm blast capacity is full, heli already rearmed, mission still continues):

  1. Landed (i even waited for literal 10 minutes while commenting and uploading photos, mission still continues)

Are you using mods?

Yes, i had some mods open yesterday. I'm now playing vanilla game without any mods and i could pass the mission. Bug report can be dismissed.