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Hackers DayZ NL 3668115 Public
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IP/name of the server: / DayZ NL 3668115 Public
Time of the incident + your time zone. between 21:30 - 21:45 EEST
Your Steam64ID: 76561197984041711
as much detail as possible on the incident: Heavy suspect of players using hack that reveals player's location. Location: hill south of Karmanovka, west of a deer feedshack, NE part of the map. Our group of three spawned and walked to Karmanovka, one of us stayed behind, hiding on the rocky hilltop. We confirmed that he couldn't be seen from the south side. Two of us continued and secured the first house down in the village and a few minutes later my friend on the top hears footsteps behind him and alarms us. I hear and see explosions and firing at his location and my friend tells he's dead. Friend told two players appeared next to his position and started aiming down to the village at us even though we were inside the house, and when he shot one of them full pistol clip didn't kill one of them. After this I went to flank the attacker, moving a bit eastwards towards the deer feedshack south of village, keeping the cliff between me and my friend's body. Soon I saw one of the clip through a rock which alerted me. I had held my position a short while, listening if they move from the body so I made no noice that would have given away my position. Then the enemy players flank directly behind me, they had just ran to me as soon as they killed my friend. At least two players, one wore bright green clothing. I shot half magazine with USG to one and no effect.


Operating System
Windows 10

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Kuikka created this task.Sep 25 2020, 9:16 PM
Kuikka updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 26 2020, 12:54 PM

sry myfriend for this ...
but you are intomy heart now ..

i hunt cheaters and you?
but very very thanks for thereport and your time ..

and dev team?
go and hunt cheaters like me .. ^^ or not?
but thanks for yolur help and time and build